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» In Natori (Rough Translation of Tomoya’s blog entry / 2011.05.29)

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Rough Translation of Tomoya’s blog entry / 2011.05.29 by the OORPh Admin

In Natori.


Irresistibly I like the sound and taste of focaccia. This is Tomoya.

Sendai! ! !

I’ve done my best! !

I’m really glad.

Glad we live.

It was good to meet everyone! !

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks a bunch!

Tan cow … Thank you!

(Photo 20110527_224957_2)

Was thankful.


Nanban pickled, thank you … it brings out even more this taste.

And, the next day.

We went to Natori.

It is only one day, but I have participated in volunteer activities for the earthquake [survivors].

(Photo 20110528_071021_2)

I only moved the car a little,

I was shocked that the scenery is too different.

The scene you’ve seen many times in the photograph.

If you really look, it’s not the same at all,

Tears did not stop.

It got me thinking about various things.

Enter the team to carry on the local materials needed, such as removal of rubble, I was allowed to help until early afternoon.

They are very warm people. I was able to help everyone comfortably.

(Photo 110528_130310_2)

Thank you!

Okinawa next car. Final car.

It’s really early. I am lonely.

All because I was hit!

Come on! Damn!

Bye bye!


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» Warped Tour 2014.06.28 (Rough translation of Tomoya’s blog entry by the OORPh Admin)

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Rough translation of Tomoya’s new blog entry by the OORPh Admin:

Warped Tour 


Recently, I’m feeling a lot of blackouts. 

Low blood pressure at all times. This is Tomoya. 

Now, late update! 

Long time no see. 

A little while ago, Warped tour has started and we can say that,

we drive (to bring the concert tour) day by day while living in the bus. 

It was also physically hard, but I mostly enjoy it. 

Get up →bus arrival →  

(I’m thrilled and I do not know until the day or what!) Time of production is informed → 

Move → bus to live ↑ 

It is such a great feeling! 

Because of the outdoor, everyday feels like a festival. 

Stage is also full. There are also some stalls. 

We go and see various bands, have a BBQ night with everyone, and we have to enjoy and live outside. And above all, I am motivated. 

Full of cool bands, cool drummers. 

I must work harder! 

While at this point the Warped tour is halfway done, yesterday was my birthday.

The 27th, 27-year-old. 

It seems that it’s a golden birthday among the birthdays. 

Thanks to everyone. Thank you. 

This will be 1-Year Golden! 

Okay, okay, let’s begin! ! 

[Photo  1403964508100] 

[Photo 1403964514827]

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» Ku~tsuwa 2010.02.06 (Rough translation of Tomoya’s blog entry by the OORPh Admin)

Ku~tsuwa 2010.02.06 (Rough translation of Tomoya’s blog entry by the OORPh Admin)

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Rough translation: 


It’s very cold!
It is limited to half the bread when it is cold.
This is Tomoya. It’s been a long time.

I was late but now is the CD release!

I had to support various people and really come up here.

Thank you.

We do jamming all the time. Please listen by all means!

The other day, I went to the beauty salon with Mr. Toru (° - °)

Toru-san, I Basshibashi Ya! (Note: I Basshibashi Ya ~ is a sound effect for slapping or smacking something or someone. 
Oftentimes used when caught in a fit of helpless laughter or mirth.)

Today was a special day!

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Just for fun! \(^o^)/

(Photo sources: John Feldmann, Rock in Japan magazine and


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» [Translation] FLYING POSTMAN Special Interview: ONE OK ROCK


* Translation by me, prone to mistakes. Credit it used / posted elsewhere. Original article here.


This is ONE OK ROCK, whose popularity has been rapidly rising recently, even among the foreign people. Started from autumn last year in Paris and took a whole month, they went for their first European and Asian tour, which was held in 11 countries and 12 venues. Following these guys’ steps, their first Documentary Film [FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM] is currently playing in theaters. From the eyes of Nakano Hiroyuki, the person who produced Japanese and foreign artists’ music video and a feature film titled [SF Samurai – Fiction], and the person who happened to be the director of the mentioned documentary film, what kind of band is ONE OK ROCK?

Read More

Thank you so much for the translation, akinojou! \(^o^)/

Maybe me and my friends should bring a banner like this when we watch again another ONE OK ROCK concert in the near future.

Hehe. \(^o^)/

(Photo sources: Mr. Rui Hashimoto and

Photo edit by: One OK Rock Ph, The Beginning

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Rough Translation of the NIKKATSU’s report on the #FOOLCOOLROCK premiere! Note: I edited most of the translation to put it into proper context for reading purposes. ^_^

Translated by One OK Rock Ph, The Beginning Admin: 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Director Nakano on stage in the “FOOL COOL ROCK! ” premiere sneak peek! Director captured in his camera who ONE OK ROCK really is…

Premiere sneak peek of ” FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM ,” a documentary film of Japan ‘s fastest [rising] rock band ONE OK ROCK who attracted  an overwhelming support from the youth was held on  5/8 ( Thu ) at the TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills.


ONE OK ROCK’s  ”Who are you?? Who are we??” which is the first European and Asia Tour in 2013, was carried out for over a month and a half which included interviews and 12 performances to 11 countries.

The limited offering will be shown for 3 weeks starting 5/16 (Fri). Director Hiroyuki Nakano it seems have met the expectations of the fans who watched the sneak preview and have shown the real face of the members in the film. The venue was packed and everyone was very excited. At the second half of the film showing, Nakano-san answered all the questions from the fans regarding, for example, his impressions on the band members.

※ Remarks: Please note that we have to change the wording and cut some of the content.

- So, let’s all welcome the director!

- Good evening Director Nakano! ( Guests: Konbanwa ! )

- To all the people who have come to watch (ONE OK ROCK) on the big screen, first of all, I would like to thank all of you! 

-Thank you for your visit today, Director Nakano. When you said the greeting I wonder if it’s true, will One Ok Rock be here on the stage? 

*Yes there is an inquiry from the MC, “Today, members? Will you come?” Director Nakano also asked (laughs).

Director Nakano: “I think they’re going to LA. But, from where I stand, I think when what you are playing is the coolest, people would say “I’m pleased.” And I thought, shit like that is fresh and nice (laughs). By the way, to everyone who is an avid fan of ONE OK ROCK, I’m relatively a new fan. I think, [this movie] is not only for everyone who knows ONE OK ROCK, but also for those who are just beginning to know them and for those who do not know them yet. To all the avid fans, did you have fun?” (Big applause from the audience)


 MC: What Taka-kun said overseas audience of ONE OK ROCK was different. How different?

Director Nakano: Most likely, you know how different it is with abroad and Japan.

- Well, I would like to hear your impression of each member to whom you have spent quite a significant time.

Director Nakano: “Taka-chan is cute. But when he’s writing the lyrics, he put on this ‘stay away’ barrier. When that happens, I take a distance from him a little.  Tomoya and Ryota are always the same flying or fluffy (laughs). It will usually be very tiring for everyone after the live, but it was Tomoya who was the fastest to recover. Toru-chan is cool as you can see. Comic becomes animated, well, it is not live-action. With ONE OK ROCK, I do live-action, but I think people would like such comic. On the contrary, I think it would make you really want to make comics in them.

-During the tour, even when the band is not songwriting, the schedule also is often overwhelmingly full. 

Director Nakano:  “With such groove and melody, I wonder, is Taka-chan always thinking about music?  Everyone was like as if they have been doing this since they were students in middle school (laughs).”

As we put together an enormous amount of material, I tearfully find scenes to cut because I have many favourite scenes.”

Director Nakano: “There is a scene wherein Taka-chan lay down on the bus. It’s one of the scenes that you would like to cut but, three seconds after that, I called out and Ryota came in exquisite timing. Because of the exquisite timing, I line it up when were where shooting the film. I thought that it is great. I love that scene.

MC: By the way, you have put on the floor…?


Director Nakano: And I would like to take pictures of the premiere sneak peek members now.

(Loud cheers from the audience)

MC: You’ll normally see the single-lens reflex while you’re taking this movie. This work also, isn’t it? You actually had taken photos all the way to the front row?

Director Nakano: Yes, it is. So, I think I want to do a scene within the movie. I’ll go in one take, I need your help in a loud voice!

* After practice, first take ends with a shout from MC *


Director Nakano: Paris was so amazing. Let’s go take another one Tokyo and don’t lose it! I want you to sustain your breath and shout the last phrase.

MC: Let’s go and shout the Japanese version of “FOOL COOL ROCK!”

* Volume of about two times the first take, take two first end.

Repeat the phrase of the movie with all your breath.*

[140508_oor4.jpg 140508_oor5.jpg]

Audience: Crikey ! Fu~u over over over over over over over over ! ! ! (Excited  by big applause )

MC: Great!

Director Nakano: Awesome ! It’s OK!

After the excitement, time for the remaining questions had started. After watching, there was also a question about the content of the movie. I introduced some of the Q and A that does not touch the content.

Audience: How will you describe ONE OK ROCK in one word? 

Director Nakano: In a word, it is Fool Cool Rock band. Fun to watch, moves like a heavy rock band. Frankly, I stop for only three songs when there are usually about 15 songs. In the case of ONE OK ROCK, I will move from Taka-chan to the left, to the right with 13 songs and then get 15 songs.

Audience: I want to hear bonus episode that is not reflected in your movie!

Director Nakana: Not much has been taken out.

MC: You did not drink at night?

Director Nakano: I did not have time to get out in Europe. Live finishes at about 22:00. If you leave at 23:00, we go aboard the bus from there and arrived at the hotel at around 5:00 in the morning. After entering the venue, there’s a rehearsal during the day. The tour is very hectic compared to a school trip. Even if it was a tight schedule the band would say, “No, we’re fine (comfortable) with it.” In worse situation, they are relatively calm. Well, we should not sleep, but they have to sleep (laughs). It was like so much trouble.


Audience: I was really impressed! Truly, I thought, I would like fans from overseas and every people all over the world to know about ONE OK ROCK!

Director Nakano: I also agree. Everyone was singing songs in Japanese. I think it’s great. You can buy the CD in Japan, but not sold to foreign [countries]. You can listen to them from YOUTUBE.

MC: The CD, even though was not available in Europe, they managed to fill up the venue with 3,000 to 4,000 seating capacity! In time, they will become a great thing in the future. But, the director replied that it is not what’s important.

Audience: You’ve probably heard a lot of songs for two months, what ONE OK ROCK songs are the most favourite by the audience and manager/organizer?

Director Nakano: It is “Deeper Deeper.” In your point of view as an avid fan, how did this movie go?

Auidences: It was very interesting. I was so happy as a fan to learn about the members and watched the behind-the-scenes as well as to have witnessed the state of the songwriting. But, I think it would be more fun if I have seen more.

Director Nakano: There were 104 minutes in this work, but it was a promise to finish in 90 minutes. The documentary of this kind, the song has to be cut in the middle in most cases. It’ll grow. I have included the last song. You have arrived so far (laughs). 

Audience: In your point of view, would you likened ONE OK ROCK as a family?

Director Nakano: I see them as my sons. When compared to a family member, respectively, Tomoya is the mother who sleeps too much, Ryota is not the eldest son but the second son (laughs). I wonder if Taka is the dad. Next, Toru is the cool brother (audience laughs).

(Foreign visitor) I’d participated in the London show …

Director Nakano: But I was there!

Audience: (Big applause from the audience) Yes. I am truly grateful for the well conveyed passion of Europe. I’m glad because the feelings were reflected.


It was a premiere sneak peek where you can listen to the feelings of thanks from those who participated in the London show and feedback from the audience immediately after the screening, and where the audience and the director were united in the venue. 

*3 weeks run of ” FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM” starting from 5/16 ( Fri)

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For better viewing. 

Thanks to Alchemy Music Company! <3

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Arigatou, Alchemy Music Company for sharing this interview video on One Ok Rock! :D