#FOOLCOOLROCK Interview video 

(Screenshots and photo edit by One Ok Rock Ph, The Beginning )
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Vans Warped Tour ‘14 Kickoff Party (Album No.2)

These are screenshots from the punkvideosrock.com videos!  \(^o^)/

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Again, I got lazy looking for more pictures so, made some screenshots from the fan cam video instead. Hahaha! \(^o^)/

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One Ok Rock vs Ghost Fighter. Lolzzzz! 

Happy April Fool’s Day! \(^o^)/

(Photo was scanned by the OORPh Admin from the Rockin’ on Japan Magazine / Ghost Fighter photo source: www.google.com)

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PRIMAL FOOTMARK #2 2014/03/19


Thanks, Shiho! ^_^


CE SOIR, nouvel INSIDE consacré à ONE OK ROCK !

Rendez-vous à 19h50 sur GONG !

Plus d’infos…


ONE OK ROCK in the French Magazine My Rock

Here is my translation in english from the French article :

The coming of One Ok Rock in Paris is not a joke. Their first concert at Le trianon was sold-out and next days after this one they did a second show at Le Bataclan for promoting their new album « Zinsei kakete boku wa » (YES, the journalist wrote the title wrong)

The waiting has been very very long, the first fans were arrived in the night of the day before ! Tough a bad weather fans were really determined. For us - The mag My Rock - it would be an interview and a photo session with the band which will be publied in our next mag.

When the doors are opening at 7pm the room fills up very fastly for this concert filmed to be part of a documentary about their Euro-Tour. Whithout a guest part, ONE OK ROCK begins their concert at an unusual hour. Taka, the leader and vocalist of the band, make his entry under a thunderous of applause. The bands begins his set by « Ending Stor », strange choice, but it works. Since the first note, everybody sings, dances… the music of these japanese reminds us the band Linkin Park at their beginning… but we get into the game. « Clock Strikes », eponyme title adaptated in a music video, makes the crow screaming loud. ONE OK ROCK ended this seet by « the Beginning » and for their encore ended with the song « wherever you are ». Though a very too short concert, the band still took the time for wearing some bras throwed by fans, a flawless moment. 

If you can, don’t forget to buy the magazine ! 

Credit : Translation : Piximi

Scanned by Piximi,

Article from MyRock writed by Elodie Briffard, photo taked by Julien Mecchi

with “Adult Suit” lyrics » (screen cap from: ONE OK ROCK 2013“人生×君=”TOUR LIVE&FILM DVD)

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Magazine Issues: Barfout (May 2007), B-Pass (February 2010, April 2009, and January 2009), Jungle Life (October 2008), Music Ups (November 2008), Rolling Stone Japan (April 2010) and What’s In? (January 2007)

(photo source/credits to: shinigamitabris@livejournal)

Photo edit and collage by: One OK Rock Ph, The Beginning

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Toru and Taka (2006)

(Screen cap from: Find your Music Listen Japan teaser video)

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